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Legal, Constitutional and Human Rights Violations of Smart Grid and Smart Meters

LADWP (Los Angeles Dept. Water and Power) Smart Meter Director, Marcello DiPaulo Receives Death Threats, Resigns From Post, LADWP Puts Free Opt Out Policy In Writing.

One of my many illustrious jobs is I manage a building in LADWP territory and was finding my job very hard to do, as I was getting attacked by microwave RF pulses every time I went over there.  So after speaking for HOURS with 3 or 4 different LADWP managers, I finally went into great detail with the senior manager about our lawsuit against Edison and PG@E for health effects from smart meters and smart grid and said that we would be adding them as a defendants in the suit if they refused to make the switch back to an analog meter.  That seemed to do it.  Magically,  the analog meter was granted THE NEXT DAY!!!  🙂  Not coincidentally, at the exact same time, another LADWP customer, Anura Lawson and her family,  had her electricity SHUT OFF FOR WEEKS because she and her family got sick from the radiation from the smart meter that LADWP had stuck on her property, LADWP would not allow her to opt out, she had to remove the meter herself and they shut her power off.  It was only after she went to the city council in the above video was her meter switched back to analog.  Hmmm, they gave me an opt out but not her…isn’t that discrimination?

Unfortunately, after mine and Anura Lawson’s meter being switched back to analog, LADWP customers were still being told, “No, there is no opt out of smart meters!”  So in the coming months, we started raising awareness in LADWP territory.  I gave power point presentations to various communities and at one of these presentations, I went head to head with the LADWP director of the smart meter program, Marco DiPaulo, the person who got the $60,000,000 grant for the program.  We obtained his cell # that night and I put it on a flyer and emailed it out to all of my Los Angeles list asking them to pass it on and to call DiPaulo to opt out of the damaging program.  DiPaulo did say at the presentation that people could opt out, but he began receiving death threats about the program and his involvement in it.  When I recently spoke with him, he said people were even coming to his home to harass him!!  He was afraid for his life and his family, so he resigned from his position as director of LADWP Smart Meter program.  Although this may not be very American of me, I do believe in solving things through non violence.  However, I truly understand the anger around this violating, and in fact, violent program.  This program puts people lives in danger and the lives of their family.  People are angry about it and rightfully so, myself included.  My preference to solving this through violence would be getting the laws changed so that this kind of thing is punishable by jail in addition to fines, or of course, the possibility of getting our representatives to actually represent and protect us, which is the purpose of StopSmartGrid.org.

LADWP customers who wish to opt out of this horrific program may now call Sungly Chiu 213-367-2797  Manager IT at LADWP for a FREE opt out with no rate increase.

When I had initially asked, LADWP refused to put in writing that they were giving me a free opt out with no rate increase (even though they did give me the analog meter with no extra charges).  I am happy to say that last week was the first time LADWP finally agreed to to put their opt out policy in writing.

LADWP is the first utility in the state of CA to offer free analog opt outs of their test pilot smart meter program with no rate increase and joins the state of Vermont and one utility in the state of Oregon with this policy.  Bravo LADWP!

Although this is a step in the right direction, opt out customers are still involuntarily exposed to microwave radiation from smart grid (their neighbors smart meters and collector meters) and the electricity in the neighborhood is still dirty from the SMPS.

Also, this is not time to relax about LADWP and their opt out policy.  We must continue to put the pressure on them and spread the word.  Their opt out policy could change at any moment…it is not law, it is just a company policy.  Now is an EXCELLENT time for people to opt out since it is free so LADWP customers should take advantage.  We may be able to quash their whole program if enough people opt out, discouraging them from further rolling out in their territory.

Their current roll out is only in a few “experimental areas.” Let’s make their great experiment a total failure!!  Please pass this page on to ALL LADWP customers!

The below letter is from an email Doug Cragoe of North Hollywood, received from LADWP regarding their FREE opt out policy.

Hello Mr. Cragoe,

To answer your questions, a LADWP customer could have a smart meter installed even if the customer did not contact LADWP after receiving notification of a pending smart meter installation. Customers in the Smart Grid LA program may opt out of the program at any time, including after the smart meter has been installed. If a customer opts outs after a smart meter is installed, the smart meter will be replaced with the same type of analog meter that the customer had prior. There are no customer fees to opt out and have a smart meter uninstalled.

Rates will not be affected for customers who have smart meters installed. Similarly, rates will not be affected for any customer who requests to have a smart meter uninstalled and replaced with an analog meter.

If you would like to provide your address, I can confirm whether you are scheduled to participate in the Smart Grid LA program.

I have also attached our FAQ for the program that provides information regarding health concerns for smart meters.  No health risks have been proven to be associated with smart meters.

I will be able to answer any further questions regarding the Smart Grid LA program. Please let me know if I may provide further assistance.

Thank you,

Lucas Smart Grid LA